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Ian Bond

Actor, Fight and Intimacy Director, Storyteller


Current and Upcoming Projects

Stage Combat: 
Newsies (Village Kidstage Everett) and Macbeth (Camp Bill with Seattle Shakespeare Company)

Summer 2022

I love working with student actors and this summer have the privilege to work on two exciting productions. The first, Newsies with Village Kidstage Everett - a solid show about workers rights. The second, one of my favorite Shakespeare tragedies, Macbeth, with the Education wing of Seattle Shakespeare.


Intimacy Direction: Newsies (Village Kidstage Everett) and Level 3 "certification" with IDC.

Summer 2022

After a very busy winter and spring, I am enjoying a less busy summer. I am intimacy (and fight) directing Newsies for Village Kidstage Everett which is very exciting because normalizing boundary conversations and consent based practices with student actors is the best way to create lasting change in the theatre. Additionally, I am finishing up my level 3 training with Intimacy Directors and Coordinators as part of their first Intimacy Director cohort. As always, PNW Theatrical Intimacy is growing and we look forward to offering more workshops this fall!


Game Mastering


Besides running D&D for a close group of friends and working privately for hire, I am thrilled to be working with Katie Lear, a child therapist, and using D&D for social emotional learning and therapy.

Astrology Dice


Summer 2022

I am not teaching at the moment, but there has been a lot of interest in Seattle in unarmed stage combat training. If you are interested, please drop me a line letting me know what days of the week would be best for you!



For inquiries regarding performing, fight direction, intimacy direction, teaching, or game mastering please click here


Headshots courtesy of Danielle Barnum