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Class: Guild Master



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What do I know how to play?

Education experience

I am a professional Game Master with the Emerald City Game Master's Guild, "a collective of carefully vetted, professional tabletop Game Masters operating within the Seattle metro area." I am available to hire for special events (parties, wedding receptions, family nights) or repeating role-playing games. Click on the link above for more info on the official ECGMG site!

I know how to play a lot of games. It's a hazard of the profession. If you are looking to hire me for role-playing games, I can teach or run: Dungeons & Dragons, Good Society, Lady Blackbird, Lazers and Feelings, and Blades in the Dark. If you are looking for a family game night that involves more board games, I am well versed in those as well.

I worked at an incredible store, Blue Highway Games, for six years. It's a cozy, bright game store for all ages specializing in community events, free table space to try out games, and super knowledgeable staff. I inherited the Kids Dungeons & Dragons program and transformed it into one of our most successful and sought after weekly events. Since leaving Blue Highway, I set up the Kid's Club at Emerald City Game Master's Guild. This was the Guild's most successful program in the club's first year. I have also worked with education companies such as foundry10 and many area schools.