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Fight Direction

Selected Photos from Past Projects

Beauty and the Beast (The 5th Avenue Theatre)

Teenage Dick (Seattle Repertory Theatre)

Gaslight (Sound Theatre Company)

See How They Run (Taproot Theatre Company)

Much Ado About Nothing (Seattle Shakespeare Company)

Feathers and Teeth (Washington Ensemble Theatre)

Big Love (Seattle Pacific University)

The Nerd (Taproot Theatre Company)

Newsies! (Village KidStage Everett)

Comedy of Errors (Seattle Shakespeare Company)

Is God Is (Washington Ensemble Theatre))

"All this is only amplified by some fantastic direction from Malika Oyetimein, as well as some killer dance choreography and fight choreography from Chip Sherman and Ian Bond." ( review for Teenage Dick)

"Fight director Ian Bond must have been one busy guy during rehearsals . . .  Indeed, live theater is back in Greenwood, and it has returned with a bang!" (Drama in the Hood review for See How They Run)

Comments from The Seattle Gregory Awards nominators on Feathers and Teeth at Washington Ensemble Theatre.

  • "The fight choreography by Ian Bond was very effective and chilling in it's simple depiction of domestic violence." 

  • "The fight choreography is so natural and effective, I did not realize I was watching fight choreography till I saw that I had to score it. Well done."

  • "The fight choreography was fantastic and felt very realistic yet imaginative. I especially loved the moment when Carol strangled Chris with her legs. It was incredibly surprising and effectively cruel."

  • "Death by thigh-strangling. Great piece of choreo - instinctive and yet so surprising." 


I have been studying stage violence for years under Fight Master Geof Alm, one of the few certified fight masters with the Society for American Fight Directors. I am an Advanced Actor Combatant within the Society, the highest rank before becoming a certified teacher. I am also SAFD certified with Theatrical Firearms. My movement background consists of animal flow and natural movement systems, Commedia dell'arte, circus arts, tricking, yoga, endurance sports, weightlifting, and climbing.

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