American Junkie (Book-It Repertory)
Jeeves Intervenes (Taproot Theatre Company)
Treasure Island (Book-It Repertory)
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See How They Run, Lionel

(Taproot Theatre Company)

All Penelope wants in an evening out; surely even vicars' wives can have an innocent night on the town with an old friend. But between a buzzed busy-body in the closet, a volley of vicars galloping across the lawn and a Soviet spy on the loose, this night is racing toward insanity. Precocious and preposterous, this comedy is quintessentially English! (description from TTC)



Motion Capture Artist

I work with Sucker Punch Productions as a motion capture artist. In the summer of 2020 Ghost of Tsushima was released to great acclaim winning many industry awards. My work features throughout the game and I am very proud of this immersive storytelling experience.

American Junkie (Book-It Repertory)

Past Projects

American Junkie, Tom Hansen

(Book-It Repertory Theatre)

"But it's Bond they all revolve around as he has to carry the show and carry it he does even though he plays it off at times that he can't even carry himself. His transformations within the piece are stunning as we watch his health wax and wane as we go back and forth in his timeline and with each shift you're never confused as to which stage he might be in. And his grasp on the character is incredibly raw and vulnerable making this an amazing performance that begs to be seen." (Jay Irwin, BWW)