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George Wickham in The Wickhams: Christmas at Pemberley by Lauren Gunderson and Margot Melcon.

Now-Dec 30

Come see me be a villain!

"Ian Bond as George Wickham makes us laugh and cringe, hope, and despise. He is the villain that you can't help but love. Bond balances this demanding task with ease and pushes us to find sympathy for this flawed man. Austen said it best, "he smirks, and simpers, and makes love to us all" and that is Wickham in a nutshell, perfectly portrayed by Bond." (

About the play

"In this all-new Jane Austen-inspired story, we return to the world of the Darcys and Bennets! Lydia’s come for Christmas, the halls are decked, and the aroma of everyone’s favorite orange biscuits fills the air. But downstairs the loyal staff scramble to keep a secret that could upend the festivities. Amid the chaos of Christmas, a little yuletide forgiveness might be the one gift everyone needs." (Taproot Theatre)



Motion Capture Artist

I work with Sucker Punch Productions as a motion capture artist. In the summer of 2020 Ghost of Tsushima was released to great acclaim winning many industry awards. In 2021, the Iki Island expansion was released, also to rave reviews. My work features throughout the game and I am very proud of this immersive storytelling experience. Future projects in development!

Critical Reviews


American Junkie

Tom Hansen
(2019 Broadway World Critics Choice Award Winner - Best Lead Performer in a Play; nominated for 2019 Gypsy Rose Lee award - Excellence in a Lead Performance, big theatre category)

"In a virtuoso performance, Bond excels in playing both the younger version of Hansen and the ailing older addict." (Drama in the Hood)

"But it's Bond they all revolve around as he has to carry the show and carry it he does even though he plays it off at times that he can't even carry himself. His transformations within the piece are stunning as we watch his health wax and wane as we go back and forth in his timeline and with each shift you're never confused as to which stage he might be in. And his grasp on the character is incredibly raw and vulnerable making this an amazing performance that begs to be seen." (Broadway World)

"Bond was an excellent casting choice, as he was able to successfully inhabit the different stages of Hansen’s life. One moment, after injecting cocaine into his neck, he is violently convulsing on the kitchen floor of a Dick’s Drive-In, the next he is too frail to sit up in bed. From the meekness of boyhood, the electric pace of the punk rock scene, and finally the cold and stoic fatigue of a body drained of life, Bond was impressively malleable." (Univ. of Washington's The Daily)




"A few of the best: Ian Bond plays Hamlet’s murderous uncle as a careful study in conflicted nuance, who can never say what he’s actually thinking — at least not in public. As the new usurper, he has to act stern in the middle of all this family chaos, but he’s appropriately worried that his crazy nephew Hamlet is capable of anything. Bond also effectively nails the lead gravedigger — one of the play’s few moments of total comic relief, especially when the actor is successfully landing jokes while digging in real-life rain — as the sanest guy in the story. He just wants to sip off his flask, banter, get his job done and leave the royals to their dumb, self-destructive anguish." (Seattle Times)

"Ian Bond's' stoic performance as Claudius and his bordering on cheeky performance of the weather-worn Gravedigger are tonally disparate but comparably bold." (Broadway World)


Other Selected Reviews

Various roles

"Like the Marx Brothers, the characters in Jeeves Intervenes are continually engaging in crisp, witty dialogue as well as some amazing physical comedy. This is particularly true of the two young men Bertie played by Ian Bond and Eustace played by David Roby." (Jeeves Intervenes, HuffPost)

"And Bond and Morson make for the most deliciously creepy little weasels making their presence on stage equal parts riveting and hard to watch (but in a good way)." (Titus Andronicus, Broadway World)

"And I have to give extra kudos to Ian Bond and Ayo Tushinde who brought in multiple characters, each one more individual and engaging than the last." (Jane Eyre, Broadway World)

"Ian Bond stands out from the ensemble for his versatility, as he changes roles throughout" (Don Quixote and Sancho Panza: Homeless in Seattle, Drama in the Hood)