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About Ian

Communion through story

As humans we are always telling stories. We use stories to communicate our wants and needs to those we love, to bridge the gaps between us and others, to commune with strangers through shared experience, and to make meaning of our existence. Ian specializes in telling stories. On the stage, he brings years of determined training at Davidson College and the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company to his characters. As a fight and intimacy director, he thoughtfully communicates with other artists to ensure safe, collaborative, and exciting movement in a story. As a Game Master, he combines a strong sense of play with deep roots in fantasy lore to nurture group story telling. As an educator, Ian empathically centers the students experience in the course of learning. But of course, these skills all combine in this human: Ian. And it is this unique human who brings his whole self to every project.

A white man with brown hair stares to his right.
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